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This website is no longer being maintained. For the latest news, events, and information, please visit http://www.materials.drexel.edu/.

Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology


Institution and College Mission Statements

Drexel University is a privately controlled, non-sectarian, coeducational institution. Technology is integrated into every aspect of the Drexel educational experience making the university a leader in educational innovation. All faculty are expected to engage in significant research, service and outreach activities in addition to their undergraduate teaching assignments. The university's mission and vision statements are:

University Mission: "Drexel University prepares students to succeed in a complex modern world by combining high quality technologically-based academic programs with meaningful experiences to the real world."

University Vision: "The complex realities of the 21st century require universities to broaden students' intellectual horizons and enhance their self-awareness so that they can make informed career choices and become engaged members of the communities in which they live. Drexel aspires to be recognized as a national leader in accomplishing this goal by providing a distinctive educational experience which combines knowing and doing through excellent programs in instruction and research with significant work and service experiences."

The College of Engineering (CoE) comprises six (6) departments: Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE); Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (C&AEE); Computer Science (CS); Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE); Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) and Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics (MEM), offering a total of nine undergraduate engineering programs. The mission and vision of the college of engineering are:

College of Engineering Mission: "The mission of Drexel's College of Engineering is to educate engineers at both the undergraduate and graduate levels…engineers who are technically excellent, who have matured through their participation in Drexel's Co-operative education program, who possess excellent written and oral communication skills and who are aware of the economic, environmental, societal and political issues impacting on the practice of their profession and on society as a whole. Our research and scholarly work create and transfer knowledge, and are integral to our students' education. We prepare our graduates to be outstanding professionals committed to life-long professional development and service to society, and to become leaders in business, industry, government, other professions, and academia."

College of Engineering Vision: "Drexel's College of Engineering will be the collwwege-of-choice for undergraduate engineering education and will be internationally recognized in selected areas of engineering research and scholarly work."

The College of Engineering will:

  • Offer nationally recognized, innovative, undergraduate engineering educational programs through a flexible curriculum that tailors a student's learning experience to her/his professional and career aspirations.
  • Pursue excellence in the Drexel Engineering Curriculum within each department by maintaining our courses current and by challenging students in areas essential to their success - in areas such as technical knowledge, practical "knowhow," writing, thinking, communicating, being creative and having professional confidence.
  • Have a nationally recognized, career-integrated education program where students build on their experiences in the classroom and industry to enhance their knowledge of both theory and practice.
  • Promote a student-centered atmosphere in a strong, harmonious and diverse community where students can mature in a diverse socioeconomic and multicultural environment - the rich cultural, urban setting offered by Philadelphia and Drexel's diverse international student body.
  • Engage undergraduate and graduate students in scholarly work and research to prepare them for careers in academia, industry and government.
  • Attract, support and retain high quality faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and scholarship who embrace a philosophy of continuous improvement in all they do.
  • Promote high quality scholarly work by faculty to create and transfer knowledge that provides the foundation for new educational programs in areas of emerging technologies.
  • Focus research and scholarly efforts in selected target areas by seeding each department with at least one endowed chair in order to establish research centers of excellence that support approximately 5 faculty and 10 graduate students each.

Finally, the mission and the vision statements of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering are as follows:

Department Mission: The mission of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is to produce B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. graduates who can excel in leadership positions in industry and academia at the national and international levels.

Department Vision: To be ranked in the top ten Materials Science and Engineering undergraduate and graduate programs by U.S. News and World Report.

ABET Information

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Materials Engineering program graduates will...
  1. possess the core technical competencies in their field necessary to successfully interface with other engineering disciplines in the workplace
  2. progress towards graduate education (target rate: 30%)
  3. become leaders in their chosen fields
  4. have the ability to engage in lifelong learning
  5. have written and verbal communication skills appropriate for professional materials engineers

Materials Engineering Course Listings

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