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Xianping Wu

Xianping Wu Advisor while a Ph.D. Student: Surya R. Kalidindi
Year of Graduation: 2006

How did you decide to come to Drexel MSE for a Ph.D.?

World-wide reputation of Drexel MSE

First Job Post-Graduation and Brief Description of Duties:

Post-doc at Corporate Strategic Research, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, working on R&D for various upstream technology advancements.

How did you find your first job?

Applied to the job post on the TMS website.

What have you been doing since?

I am still in my first job with ExxonMobil.

How do you feel your Ph.D. research and education have contributed to your job?

My Ph.D. research and education has helped me to quickly pick up the first assignments in industry and has also provided me with a solid base for continuous career development.

Do you have any advice for students looking for a Ph.D. program or for current students?

A knowledgeable and responsible advisor is a critical factor to your success in Ph.D. study and further career development. Do not ignore those technologies or research projects that have no immediate applications to your Ph.D. thesis. They might become the most important skills or experience for your success in the first job.

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Last updated Tuesday, June 10, 2008