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Annual Report 2008: Grants Awarded

Barsoum, Michel

National Science Foundation

FRG: M-n+1AX_n Phase Solid Solutions: Uniques Opportunities at Engineering Bulk...
Awarded $60,000 on 8/23/2007
Co-pi: Spanier, Jonathan

Army Research Office

Kinking Nonlinear Elastic Solids for Load Bearing, Damping & Strain Sensing Applicat...
Awarded $300,000 on 9/13/2007
Co-pi: Finkel, Peter
Gogotsi, Yury

Nanotechnology Institute

Covalent Incorporation of Functionalized Nanodiamond into the Polymeric Structure...
Awarded $50,000 on 12/19/2007

Global Protection Inc

Advanced Filtration Systems
Awarded $113,475 on 1/22/2008
Co-pi: Yushin, Gleb

Ben Franklin Technology Center

Methodology Development for Measuring NanoDiamond Partcile Size using Raman...
Awarded $11,000 on 8/31/2007

Naval Sea System Command (NAVSEA) I

Filling Carbon Nanotubes with Metal Nanoparticles
Awarded $199,950 on 8/30/2007

U.S. Department of Energy

Silicon Carbide Derived Carbons: Experiments and Modeling
Awarded $360,000 on 8/30/2007

National Science Foundation

IGERT Fellowships in Nanoscale Science and Engineering: The Two University/One...
Awarded $3,000,000 on 8/22/2007
Co-pis: Choi, Mun Young; Spanier, Jonathan E.

National Science Foundation

RET Site: Research Experiences for Teachers in Nanotechnology (RET-Nano)
Awarded $500,000 on 9/6/2007
Co-pi: Reisman, Fredricka K.

NanoBlox Inc

Methodology Development for Measuring NanoDiamond Partcile Size using Raman...
Awarded $16,598 on 8/31/2007
Kalidindi, Surya

National Science Foundation

AHSS: Development of Novel Finite Element Simulation Tools That Implement Crys...
Awarded $430,000 on 9/10/2007
Co-pi: Fullwood, David T.

National Science Foundation

GOALI: Process Design Solutions for Textured Polycrystalline Cubic & Hexagonal...
Awarded $26,300 on 8/29/2007
Co-pi: Fullwood, David T.
Knight, Richard

NASA (Dryden Flight Research Center)

Thermal Spray Attachment of Thermocouple Sensors
Awarded $20,000 on 11/5/2007

Southco, Inc.

Thermal Spray Deposition of Cast Iron Type Coatings onto Friction Hinge Component
Awarded $3,839 on 9/12/2007
Li, Christopher

National Science Foundation

Control Nanoparticle Patterning via Asymmetric Functionalization
Awarded $240,000 on 7/11/2007

AT&T Government Solutions

Nanoscale structure fabrication
Awarded $80,000 on 7/31/2007

National Science Foundation

Carbon Nanotube Induced Polymer Crystallization, Structure and Morphology
Awarded $300,000 on 6/4/2008
Marcolongo, Michele

Synthes Spine Co, LP

Mechanical Behavior of Nucleus Replacements
Awarded $78,000 on 7/22/2007
Schauer, Caroline

Avon Products Inc

Study the Effects of Multi-Layered Film and Perceived Color
Awarded $10,000 on 12/13/2007

Nanotechnology Institute

Cross-linked Electrospun Chitosan Nanofibrous Mats for Lead Remediation
Awarded $50,000 on 12/19/2007

Washington Savannah River Company LLC

Nanoindentation Analysis of O-Rings and Thin Films
Awarded $9,825 on 3/26/2008

National Science Foundation

REU Site: SENSORS-Design to Implementation
Awarded $15,160 on 8/22/2007
Co-pi: Wen, Jin
Spanier, Jonathan

Nanotechnology Institute

Ultra-High Density and Fast Non-Volatile Memory Technology
Awarded $25,000 on 12/19/2007

Structured Materials Industries, Inc. (SMI)

SMI Support-Spanier
Awarded $17,000 on 3/1/2008

Army Research Office

Smart Core-Shell Nanowire Architectures for Multifunctional Nanscaled Devices
Awarded $400,000 on 2/21/2008

MITRE Corporation

SERS-based Sensor Platform
Awarded $60,000 on 2/15/2008

University of Pennsylvania

NSEC on Molecular Function at the NanolBio Interface
Awarded $3,300 on 3/12/2008

National Science Foundation

MRI: Acquisition of System for the Integration of Raman Scattering, Luminescence...
Awarded $498,073 on 8/10/2007
Co-pis: Gogotsi, Yury ; Nikolov, Zhorro S; Schauer, Caroline L.; Papazoglou, Elisabeth S.

Structured Materials Industries, Inc. (SMI)

SMI Support-Spanier
Awarded $10,000 on 8/22/2007

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