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Li and Colleagues Awarded NSF MRI

Professor Christopher Li, along with Professors Jason Baxter (CBE), Michel Barsoum (MSE), Steven May (MSE), and Wan Shih (Biomed), has been awarded a $419,300 grant for "MRI: Acquisition of a High Resolution X-Ray Microdiffractometer System for Advanced Materials Research and Education at Drexel."

This grant will allow the team to acquire an advanced high resolution X-ray microdiffractometer (XRD) system for advanced materials research and education at Drexel University. A number of important capabilities make the proposed instrument ideal for materials research.

In addition, the proposed instrument is also important to general materials-related fields including physics, chemistry, biomedical engineering, biology, and energy. The XRD system will be housed in Drexel’s Centralized Research Facilities (CRF), the shared instrumentation resources for advanced research in nanotechnology, biomedicine, structural materials, soft materials, and energy technologies at Drexel. Placing the XRD system under the umbrella of CRF will make the instrument widely accessible to the general scientific community while significantly enhancing the visibility, regional importance and user base of Drexel’s CRF. The proposed instrument will also be used by graduate, undergraduate and high school students, and therefore will have a strong educational impact.

This award is effective October 1, 2010 and expires September 30, 2012.

Added on Monday, October 4, 2010

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